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Trails of Horseshoe Bay


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Legends on Lake LBJ

Golf Country Club and Custom Homes Project on Lake LBJ

The Legends on Lake LBJ

Llano County MUD

Llano County Municipal Utility District Project

llano county mud

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Whitewater Springs

whitewater springs

Whitewater Springs Development near Burnet, TX

Whitewater Springs is a 2000 acre development west of Austin and five miles north of Hwy 1431 FM on 1174 FM. Whitewater Springs is an acreage tract community with a year round flowing creek.

Willis Environmental Engineering, Inc. provided engineering services to design the water system for the development. The system has approximately 30,000 L.F. of water distribution lines, 100,000 gallon ground storage treatment facilities, hydropnematic pressure tank, pressure reducing valves, and ground water well for supply.
whitewater springs

Marble Falls Housing Authority

The Marble Falls Housing Authority was established to provide section 8 housing and affordable living for the residents of Marble Falls.  The two projects that Willis Environmental Engineering, Inc. assisted with are:  Turtle Creek project, a 54 unit complex and the Townepark in Kingsland, a multi-unit complex.

Willis Environmental Engineering, Inc. responsibility on both projects was to design the street, drainage, underground storm drainage, water and wastewater collection system, lift station, L.C.R.A. – Non-Point source pollution abatement facilities for storm water control and pollution loading. Willis Environmental Engineering, Inc. also established all pad sites for each of the units, as well as sideways and driveways.

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Teeple Properties

Hampton Inn
Hampton Inn, Marble Falls, Texas
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lake lbj mudLake LBJ Municipal Utility District II

Lake LBJ M.U.D. is a utility district established to provide water, wastewater, a fire department, and EMS to the community of Horseshoe Bay, Texas on Lake LBJ.

Over the paste twenty years, Willis Environmental Engineering, Inc. has designed for the M.U.D. district a 3 mgd water treatment plant, elevated storage, ground storage, high service pumps, miles of distribution system, .75 mgd. SBR wastewater treatment plant, lift station, holding ponds, irrigation pumps, and miles of low-pressure collection system.

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Kingsland MUD

The Kingsland Municipal Utility District

Kindsland MUD was incorporated as M.U.D. district to develop waste water collection and treatment facility for the residences of Kingsland, Texas established in 1976.

Willis Environmental Engineering, Inc. responsibility was to evaluate the existing wastewater treatment facility and design a treatment sand filtration unit to meet the State of Texas NPDES permit requirements. The present plant capacity is a 750,000 GPD facility.

Kingsland Water Supply

kingsland water towerKingsland Water Supply Corporation

The community of Kingsland, Texas on Lake LBJ located in Llano and Burnet County has a community water supply corporation responsible for providing its potable water needs.

Willis Environmental Engineering, Inc. was employed to design a water utility treatment facility and pumping station. This facility provides service to approximately sixty residences. Our responsibility was to design the pump station, chlorination pressure vessel, and plan piping details.

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ATMI Industry

ATMIATMI Industry in Burnet, Texas

ATMI is a unique manufacturing facility in the Texas Hill Country located in Burnet, Texas. ATMI manufactures a special chemical product used in the manufacturing of computer wafers in their 75,000 sq. ft. facility.

Willis Environmental Engineering, Inc. designed a four hundred space parking lot, established the finish floor elevation, designed off-site and on-site utilities, for water and gravity, waste water, street access to the site and a finish grading plan. The unique characteristic of the site was a twenty foot cross slope gradient carved out of limestone rock.

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