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No success story starts without a resolute plan. Every project requires careful planning, and there is far more to this step of the process than many people realize. At Willis Environmental Engineering, we believe that planning is essential to efficiently solve any problem, so that we can achieve a desired goal.

Planning solutions for environmental engineering projects is especially important because there are often strict, mandated guidelines that must be followed. Additionally, productive planning will mitigate problems as time goes by, as the goal is to thoroughly investigate how the system will change as the years go by.

By taking the time to work with our clients on an individual basis, we are able to develop and nurture an open line of communication that leads to less misunderstanding and more overall success. Planning need not be a chore, and as an experienced Central Texas environmental engineering company with more than four decades of experience, we have a proven road map that will help guide us through this ever-important phase.

Planning is like building a foundation for a home. By combining proven techniques, experience, and a willingness to adapt to the situation, we can lay the groundwork for what follows. Are you ready to start on your project?

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Understanding Planning Needs – What We Can Do for You

As a full-service environmental engineering company, we do far more than just the basics. We can handle every aspect of your project, from start to finish, but it all starts with effective planning. What follows is a brief overview of our planning services:

◦  Comprehensive Plans – This is your strategic vision, and it is one of the most valuable steps toward creating a road map that takes you where you want to go with your project. Your land is one of your most valuable commodities, and this phase helps determine how this asset will best serve you and the people that use it.

◦  Feasibility Studies – This is when an analysis is conducted to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of any given project. Extensive investigation and research will ultimately aid the decision making process. We must especially consider opportunities and threats in the project environment, and how resources will be utilized.

◦  Land Use Analysis – Here we determine the cost versus value of the project. It’s important to get the best use out of your land, so this step cannot be overlooked.

◦  Virtual System Modeling – This will aid in understanding how different implementations will effect overall results.

◦  Utility Rate Evaluation and Studies – Projecting your utility costs is essential for any development. How a project is engineered can greatly affect these expenses.

◦  Asset Management (GASB) – Here we identify and document capital assets so that it can be shown whether they are depreciating or maintaining their value.

◦  System Analysis and Assessment – Energy related systems can be evaluated during this phase.

◦  Certificate of Convenience and Necessity Application – This deals with retail water or sewer service certification.

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