Services: Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

There have been a lot of technological advancements over the last 30 years, and it’s almost impossible to imagine a world where satellites and computers weren’t so seamlessly integrated. Mapping has always been important to the engineer, but the incorporation of new technologies with the old methods for collecting geographical data has lead to a revolution in GIS.

Simply stated, GIS is a computer system that captures and stores geographical data for the purpose of its manipulation and management. This data can be collected in a variety of ways, but once it is processed it can be used in very useful and exciting ways.

At Willis Environmental Engineering Inc. we’ve been at the forefront of the GIS revolution as its developed and matured over the last four decades. In fact, our engineers have been mapping Central Texas for more than 37 years, remaining on the cutting-edge of mapping technologies that make our work more accurate, user-friendly, and more affordable.

Over the years, mapping was done to establish property boundaries, public jurisdiction, utilities, and control. However, today people use this technology to help with visualization and throughout every stop of the design and construction project phase. As with all tools, the value can only be realized with proper knowledge of its use, and as the industry leaders of Central Texas we are fully equipped to get you started with GIS.

If you have questions about GIS, or would like to know more about our mapping and image acquisition services, give us a call at (830) 693-3566, and one of our representatives will help you better understand our many GIS related services.

GIS – An Overview

With help from our surveying partners, Willis-Sherman Associates Inc., we can use the most modern technologies to transform mapping information from various sources into a value-added geo-spatial data format.

It is human nature to seek a better understanding of a situation by processing data visually, and this underscores the value of GIS for just about any project. By fully utilizing graphics and imagery, we provide our clients with solution solving techniques specializing in value added geo-spatial data services and products.

Just some of the GIS services we provide our clients include:

•  Image Acquisition
•  Mapping
•  Information Access Tools
•  Information Analysis Tools
•  Technology Transfer

As a full-service company, utilization of the these tools helps us as we work toward the timely completion of every project.

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If you have questions about GIS or would like to inquire about our services, give us a call at (830) 693-3566, and we will be happy to assist you.

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