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In many ways, waste water systems represent the inverse of engineered water systems. At Willis Environmental Engineering Inc., we do not believe in the philosophy that dilution is the solution to pollution. With more than 43 years serving the West and Central Texas region, we are fully equipped to handle the unique waste-water situations prevalent in our region.

It’s impossible to overemphasize the importance of an effectively engineered waste-water system. Stringent guidelines regulate this process, and all necessary permits must be acquired and maintained.

As a full-service environmental engineering company, we can handle all of your waste water needs from start to finish, ensuring that every design and construction element exceeds regulatory requirements. Our extensive experience gives us a unique perspective on waste-water systems in West and Central Texas, and we are ready to put our expertise and knowledge to work for you.

We work directly with municipalities/government entities, private land and housing developments, and individuals in the private sector to design waste-water systems and solutions custom-tailored to the user’s needs. We do business the same as we did when we got our start in 1971 – via one-on-one communication and personalized care that allows us to utilize our technical knowledge to the fullest.

Do you have questions about waste-water system design and solutions? Give us a call today at (830) 693-3566 and one of our friendly representatives will answer your questions and outline the process from the planning stage through final inspection.

Putting Our Knowledge to Work for You

There is no substitute for experience. At Willis Environmental Engineering we are proud of our direct involvement in so much of the growth in the Texas Hill Country over the last four decades. Our familiarity with the region gives us a unique professional perspective on all of our projects in the West and Central Texas region.

What follows is a sampling of various waste-water solutions we provide our clients:

•  Waste water Treatment Plant Facilities – These structures are designed to remove wastes from the water, both biological or chemical. The treated wastewater can then be used for other purposes. There are a number of functions for wastewater treatment plants, which can be used to treat agricultural, industrial, or sewage-based waste-water.
•  Collection Systems – First we will help you determine whether a gravity or low pressure wastewater collection system is more cost effective or better suited to your situation. Our main objectives will obviously be to improve water quality while minimizing capital cost.
•  Major Lift Stations – Sometime referred to as pumping stations, these facilities pump fluids from one location to another, often from a collection area to higher elevations where a wastewater treatment plant is located.
•  Coordinator for System Rehabilitation – As a full service company, we have the personnel to handle all necessary professional roles.
Wastewater Disposal Analysis – This may necessary for both stream discharge and land reuse.
•  Sludge Disposal – Wastewater treatment creates solids that may contain high levels of concentrated contaminates. Great care must be taken when disposing of these contaminates so that they are not reintroduced into the environment.
•  Waste water Permit Applications – The permit process can be cumbersome, but our experience has helped us streamline this process and keep your role hassle-free.

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